animal charcoal

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an·i·mal char·coal

charcoal produced by incomplete combustion of animal tissues, especially bone.
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SEM-EDS study may reveal the nature of the bone black pigment both considering the elemental composition, namely, the combined detection of Ca and P, and the different morphologies that diverse sources and origin of carbon-based material show [1, 2].
Among the portable techniques, FTIR in reflection mode has been already demonstrated a valuable tool for the noninvasive identification of both organic and inorganic materials (including bone black pigments) in work of arts [15, 16].
hooks's preface explains that her purpose in writing Bone Black was to add substance to the inadequate documentation of the lives of black girls.
Bone Black consists of a series of short sketches, religiously organized into chapters exactly three pages long.
Company's bone black pigments are specialty products characterized by high masstone, easy dispersibility, low oil absorption and low cost.