bone augmentation

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bone aug·men·ta·tion

(bōn awg-men-tā'shŭn)
Increase in osseus dimensions by addition of material or tissue.
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There is still a lack of in vivo studies of inflammatorydriven angiogenesis in bone engineering using various grafts, although angiogenesis is a key factor of bone regeneration with crucial role in the success rate of bone augmentation [7].
Up to date, there is scarce clinical evidence describing soft tissue expansion (STE) prior to bone augmentation procedures: only two case series [6, 8] and one randomized controlled clinical trial [7] are available in literature.
proved that bone mass and the use of bone augmentation with bone cement for improving implant anchorage in low quality bone had strong impacts on implant stability [28, 46].
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Bone grafting or bone augmentation is necessary when there is not enough quality and quantity of bone material surrounding either the implant area or that of the surviving roots.
Besides the soft tissue products, botiss biomaterials is very proud to present other innovations such as the allograft bone ring, which is used for a simultaneous bone augmentation and an implant.
Bone augmentation prior to endosseous dental implant placement in deficient ridges is nowadays a common procedure in dental practice.
Accuracy of peri-implant bone thickness and validity of assessing bone augmentation material using cone beam computed tomography--Is this correct?