bone augmentation

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bone aug·men·ta·tion

(bōn awg-men-tā'shŭn)
Increase in osseus dimensions by addition of material or tissue.
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Platelet Rich fibrin promotesm periodontal regeneration and enhances alveolar bone augmentation.
Table-3: Denture type and bone augmentation necessity relation.
Bone augmentation prior to endosseous dental implant placement in deficient ridges is nowadays a common procedure in dental practice.
The effective patient age on bone formation using fully synthetic nanocristalline bone augmentation materials in maxillary sinus grafting," The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants, vol.
Her surgery included called bone augmentation, which involved growing new bone in the gums to allow for later implants to replace missing teeth.
Advanced bone augmentation procedures can also help patients who would have been forced to wear dentures in the past to keep their teeth and, in some cases, even grow back underlying bone.
Implantology, one of the fastest growing dental specialties, is discussed in this book, and focuses on patient selection, selection of implant modalities, plastic surgery around implants, osseointegrated implants, guided bone augmentation for osseointegrated implants, and periimplantitis--including etiology of the ailing, failing, or failed implants.
Highly predictable success rates can be achieved using GBR; in fact, it has been shown that success rates of implants placed at GBR treated sites and sites without bone augmentation are comparable.
The clinical examination revealed an insufficient buccolingual width of the edentulous ridge, requiring a horizontal bone augmentation procedure prior to implant placement.
Interventions for replacing missing teeth: bone augmentation techniques for dental implant treatment.
In some cases simultaneous bone augmentation and/or closed sinus elevation was performed, when bone height and width was found insufficient.