tribasic calcium phosphate

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tri·ba·sic cal·ci·um phos·phate

used as an antacid.
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The yeast production system in which Escherichia coli phytase is expressed may affect growth performance, bone ash, and nutrient use in broiler chicks.
Knowing the advantageous influence of mechanical alloying, Al-Chicken Bone Ash metal matrix composite produced by using stir casting method.
TABLA III CONTENIDO DE CENIZAS, CALCIO Y FOSFORO EN TEJIDO OSEO DE AVES ALIMENTADAS CON DIETAS A BASE DE TRIGO, MAIZ Y SORGO (1,2) / BONE ASH, CALCIUM AND PHOSPHORUS CONTENT IN BROILERS FED WITH WHEAT, CORN AND SORGHUM DIETS (1,2) Variables Tratamientos Hueso Ceniza% Trigo 43,6 [+ o -] 0,64 (a) Maiz 30,44 [+ o -] 1,43 (b) Sorgo 28,97 [+ o -] 2,61 (b) Ca% Trigo 35,42 [+ o -] 4,68 (a) Maiz 35,33 [+ o -] 7,33 (a) Sorgo 34,27 [+ o -] 0,16 (b) P% Trigo 19,12 [+ o -] 0,42 (a) Maiz 17,40 [+ o -] 0,46 (b) Sorgo 17,31 [+ o -] 0,58 (b) (1) [+ o -] Error estandar (n = 10).
The company incinerates the remains of about 440 cows a week at plants in Harmer Hill, Shropshire, and Langar, Nottinghamshire, leaving behind 1,000 tonnes of bone ash a year which, until now, was disposed of in costly landfill sites.
This leaves behind about 1,000 tonnes of bone ash a year which has to be disposed of in costly landfill sites.
Accuracy has previously been established to be > 1% on the basis of analyses of NIST SRM 1400 bone ash (9.07 [micro]g/g ash weight) and SRM 1486 bone meal (1.335 [micro]g/g).
The ministry has decided to ban the import and domestic distribution of meat and bone meal (MBM), but will allow continued use of bone ash and bone charcoal products that do not include protein.
The addition of bone ash - and using an even higher firing temperature - is what distinguishes bone china.
For all 14 patients, mean bone lead increased nonsignificantly (P = 0.203) from 3.3 [+ or -] 1.8 to 4.2 [+ or -] 1.8 ng/mg bone ash. All mean values were within reported normal values of 1-8 ng/mg bone ash when performed by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry [3-5].
I have seen such evidence as bone ash still in the furnaces....
The diets were supplemented with 1.20% MCP imported, 1.65% DCP local, 1.65% DCP imported and 1.65% bone ash and were designated as treatment A, B, C and D respectively.