bone architecture

bone ar·chi·tec·ture

(bōn ark'i-tek'chūr),
The pattern of trabeculae and associated structures.
See also: Wolff law.
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Serum levels of vitamin D and VDBP were lower in osteopenic and osteoporotic post-menopausal women as compared to the normal females who reflected normal bone architecture as evidenced by normal BMD.
[USA], June 2 ( ANI ): A recent study has found that weight loss can result in worsening bone density, bone architecture and bone strength.
With osseous sarcoid lesions, there is concern that pathologic disturbances in bone architecture could make surgical repair involving cortical bone difficult [19].
Hypothyroidism decreases rate of bone formation and also destroy bone architecture. Hypothyroidism for more than one year will decrease bone age 5.
However, they found no significant differences in the vertebral bone volume or bone architecture in the Ovx rats receiving different doses of simvastatin, compared to a drug-free group and a Shm group.
In group C; 100% animals had grade 0 trabecular bone architecture. When stained sections of femur in group A were looked upon for intensity scoring, 10% had grade 0, 30% had grade 1, 60% had grade 2, none fell in grade 3.
(4) Oscheinbein and Ross postulated that anatomy of gingiva is dictated by underlying bone architecture. (1) Weisgold emphasized on form and function, he stated that scalloped periodontium has thinner gingiva when compared to a flat periodontium.
This procedure preserves the gingival mucosa and bone architecture with no damage to adjacent tooth.
The ovariectomised group also showed porous perforated and disintegrated bone architecture compared with the groups.
In order to assess the influence of tanshinol on bone architecture and bone quality, we firstly measured structural parameters of trabecular bone using microcomputed tomography (Micro-CT) machine and reconstructed a 3D image of the trabeculae.