bone architecture

bone ar·chi·tec·ture

(bōn ark'i-tek'chūr),
The pattern of trabeculae and associated structures.
See also: Wolff law.
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However, they found no significant differences in the vertebral bone volume or bone architecture in the Ovx rats receiving different doses of simvastatin, compared to a drug-free group and a Shm group.
In group C; 100% animals had grade 0 trabecular bone architecture.
4) Oscheinbein and Ross postulated that anatomy of gingiva is dictated by underlying bone architecture.
This procedure preserves the gingival mucosa and bone architecture with no damage to adjacent tooth.
Conversely, a 2-dimensional projection of deteriorated bone architecture produces an image with a low number of pixel-value variations of high amplitude and, therefore, a low TBS.
Clinical data have demonstrated that osteoarthritic subchondral bone turnover increases dramatically, [sup][6],[11] which results in disorganized bone architecture, decreased mineralization, and weakened biomechanical properties.
Evaluation of trabecular bone architecture to various mechanical stimuli or various therapeutic treatments;
Osteoporosis is a silent bone disease characterized by reduced bone mass and disruption of bone architecture, leading to high risk of fragility fractures.
Same bones rely on mechanical stimuli to maintain its mass and structure7 and this mechanical loading have a major influence on the bone architecture.
INTRODUCTION: Kienbocks disease is osteonecrosis of lunate bone, it progresses slowly to various stages of disease, eventually lunate bone collapses, altering surrounding carpal bone architecture.