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Plus, Councilmen Greig Smith and Tony Cardenas are evaluating a roughly $1 billion city bond to pay for street paving, which could also make the November election.
If interest rates rise, some bond holdings could take a hit that individual investors wouldn't expect from such safe instruments.
In particular, advisers can offer high-net-worth clients the opportunity to move from bond mutual funds to individual customized bond portfolios.
The industry was dominated by a handful of nationally-recognized, leading bond law firms whose tax partners consulted with one another regularly (by conference call) on whether given financing approaches satisfied the Internal Revenue Code requirements (sections 103 and 141-150) for tax exemption.
In the past several years, investment banks developed the callable/puttable bond structure, which further lowered interest costs.
To Congress, Druckenmiller was not just another private citizen giving his opinion: He became "the voice of the market" - so much so that when Alice Rivlin, then the director of the Office of Management and Budget, warned Congress of the devastating effects a default could have on the bond market, Domenici, fresh off the New York shuttle, publicly disputed her, authoritatively citing his contacts on Wall Street.
The limitations of this technology are that it requires meticulously matched mix formulations to provide the desired bond.
A convertible bond is a regular corporate debenture with a fixed coupon and maturity date that can be converted into a fixed number of shares of common stock, at the holder's option.
Changes in the capital markets are making bond buying more complex; this requires a greater focus by investors.
NEW YORK -- Fitch rates the following Idaho Housing and Finance Association (the association) single family mortgage bonds, 2007 series A, as follows:
Institutional investors typically grab the lion's share of public bonds, but does it make sense for casual investors to help float a $15 billion loan to a nearly bankrupt state whose credit has been downgraded by Wall Street to near junk bond status?
For example, a $1,000 bond with an 8% coupon rate will pay investors $80 a year, in payments of $40 every six months.