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The leaves of Boldu boldus or Peumus boldus (family Monimiaceae), an evergreen shrub of Chile; used in various disturbances of liver function.
Synonym(s): boldo
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He left his country residence at Los Boldos and traveled the 80 miles to Santiago, where he visited his office, saw his dentist, and later met with supporters.
From Chile, he picked 1997/98 Los Boldos Chardonnay, $7 bottle, $55 case ("Shames new world chardonnay, yummy and balanced.") For French whites, he tapped 1997 Domaine Rifle Pinot Blanc, $12 bottle, $96 case ("I was overwhelmed by the depth of fruit and flavor--no oak.") From Italy, Wesson liked the "unoaked value" 1997/98 Borgo Conventi Collio Pinot Grigio, $18 bottle, $144 case; a 1997 La Lastra Vernaccia, $15 bottle, $120 case, and 1998 Castello della Sala Chardonnay, $11 bottle, $84 case, all great by the glass candidates, be said.
He was puffing in the '95 degree heat, carrying a mixed case of Los Boldos Chilean wine.
Sourced from high elevation vineyards in Santa Amalla, the Sanama Reserva Is a straight forward sauvignon blanc from Vina los Boldos. Aromas of peach, lemon and fresh-cut limes with crisp flavors and refreshing acidity.