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The leaves of Boldu boldus or Peumus boldus (family Monimiaceae), an evergreen shrub of Chile; used in various disturbances of liver function.
Synonym(s): boldo


n Latin names:
Boldea boldus, Peumus boldus; part used: leaves; uses: sedative, liver medicine, laxative, flatulence, dysmenorrhea, gout, spastic digestive tract; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children, patients with lung or neurologic disease, bile duct blockage, liver ailments, and gallstones; can cause paralysis, coma, seizures, death, and the crippling of the respiratory system. Also called
boldea, boldoa, boldine, boldo-do-Chile, or
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He left his country residence at Los Boldos and traveled the 80 miles to Santiago, where he visited his office, saw his dentist, and later met with supporters.
Gen Pinochet, aged 85, yesterday remained at Los Boldos, his heavily guarded countryside house in Bucalemu, 80 miles south west of the capital.
From Chile, he picked 1997/98 Los Boldos Chardonnay, $7 bottle, $55 case ("Shames new world chardonnay, yummy and balanced.
The buyers were the investment Company Los Boldos S.