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Process of vaporizing a liquid. Boiling water destroys most microorganisms (but may not destroy spores or viruses), solidifies (denatures) albumin, weakens fibrin and muscle proteins in meat, bursts starch granules, and softens cellulose in cereals and vegetables.
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Q. how do i get rid of boils I have been plagued by boils for about 3 to 4 years now, i get a boil, go to the doctor, get antibiotics, take them for 10 days, and about a week later the boils are back. I came accoss this site a week ago and learned about (turmeric) i purchased some, i've been taking it and i still manage to get more boils, i have one existing boil right now and a new one is forming please help because i don't have health insurance and it cost to much to keep going to the doctor and getting medicine for boils only to have the boils occur back in a weeks time please help, demario y

A. Have you ever consulted a dermatologist (a doctor that specialize in skin problems)? He or she may diagnose the problem more accurately and address it better. What you describe may be acne or other disease that are treated by such doctors.

Anyway, you can find several suggestions about preventing boils here ( and here (

Q. hey how about having brown rice in place of white or boiled rice…….?

A. Brown rice is a good carb, plus I personally think it tastes delicious.

Q. what should i do if i got burned from boiling water? how should i take care of my self? will i get a scar?

A. ooooOOOooo! i hope you are asking a hypothetic question... a friend wife of mine still got scars from a boiling water accident a few years back. anyway, here is a site that gives instructions on how to react after burns. boiling water is probably second degree burns:

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Based on its water boiling test results, 78.8% fuel use reduction was achieved over the baseline open fire stove.
The authors also appreciate the personnel at National Forestry Resources Research Institute (NaFORRI), National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO), for allowing them to use their facilities and equipment to carry out the water boiling test which helped them describe the thermal performance of the designed stove.
97.20 97.30 94.6 ([degrees]C) Time (min) 50.00 49.00 45.00 Table 3: Parameters determined from Water Boiling Test High-Power High-Power (Cold Start) Phase (Hot Start) Phase Parameters Traditional Nozzle Traditional Nozzle determined 3-stone Type 3-stone Type from WBT open fire Stove open fire Stove Burning 0.89 0.40 1.03 0.45 Rate R(kg/hr) Thermal 9.50 34.00 9.20 39.00 Efficiency (nth)(%) Specific 0.27 0.85 0.31 0.087 Fuel Consumption (SFC) Power 3.32 1.73 3.72 1.72 Consumption for Boiling Low-Power (Sismmering) Phase Parameters Traditional Nozzle determined 3-stone Type from WBT open fire Stove Burning 0.46 0.31 Rate R(kg/hr) Thermal 30.00 46.00 Efficiency (nth)(%) Specific 0.150 0.022 Fuel Consumption (SFC) Power 0.81 0.19 Consumption for Boiling
A boiling test in deionized water showed good adhesion between the untreated COC and A1 surfaces.
The variable [h.sub.pb,actual] is the same as [h.sub.cooper] unless pool boiling test data is available for the tubes to be used in the heat exchanger; in that case, [h.sub.pb,actual] is calculated from the test data.
Even though PS 1-95 requires samples from plywood bonded with exterior glue to be tested after being subjected to a vacuum pressure cycle and after a boiling test cycle, dry samples have also been tested in the past.