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A person who illegally removes a dead body from a grave or vault, usually for profit. The practice was common in the 19th century due to demand for cadavers for medical students studying human anatomy
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problem in Shelley's time, bodysnatching was encouraged by medical
Your guide will tell you horror tales of death and disease, bodysnatching and bloody battles.
ANSWERS: 1 Bodysnatching' 2 Football's World Cup - the Jules Rimet Trophy' 3 To send Morse code signals' 4 Jimmy White' 5 The ferret' 6 Length, breadth, height and time' 7 The pawn' 8 The Zulus' 9 Journalist' 10 Radium.
Samuel and the Byw Wedi'r Bedd team also investigate tales of voodoo rituals to bring back the dead and bodysnatching from the graves of evil men as well as frightening tales of vampire activity The graves that attract the most attention from society's shadowy side tend to be those of killers and gangsters.
The law has found their bodysnatching immoral and consequently awarded compensation.
Cold War bodysnatching themes are spruced up in an exciting teen horror flick from Robert Rodriguez, a good deal more fun than his Tarantino-scripted vampire movie From Dusk Till Dawn.
THE daughter of veteran broad caster Alistair Cooke came face to face with a man accused of hacking up her father's corpse in a multi-million-pound bodysnatching ring yesterday.
The performances are as subtle as they are affecting and this emerges as a gentle piece that just happens to be about murder, money and bodysnatching.
Cold War bodysnatching themes spruced up in an exciting teen horror flick from Robert Rodriguez, astutely drawing on the shared experiences of countless sci-fi scare pictures.
Mexican-born Salma, 30, plays a drug-addled school nurse in this bodysnatching horror flick:
Learn about Dracula's Dublin origins, bodysnatching and enjoy an Irish wake at the historic Legal Eagle Tavern.
I'd be happy for a second batch of world-threatening nonsense, as the surviving aliens return for another bodysnatching bash.