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Dispersive body wave. Journal of Geophysical Research, 67, 5279-5291.
Source characteristics of these earthquakes were studied using the teleseismic body waves recorded at the IRIS Global Seismographic Network.
Photo: Earthquakes can often be distinguished from explosions by comparing the magnitude of one surface wave to that of a body wave (which travels deep in the earth) generated by an event.
This is because the underlying geology of the two regions is quite different, and the body waves -- seismic signals that travel down through the mantle and crust -- are affected by this geology.
"We called the work Body Waves, as this is one of the two types of seismic waves - the ones which travel through the interior of the Earth rather than the surface," quoted Burzynska as saying.
Seismic waves also include coupled pressure and shear body waves which are less destructive than surface waves.