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For all these reasons, we've established a system of body types that can get taller or shorter, wider or thinner, yet still help knitters make smart fitting decisions.
Further research should also attempt to determine body type by utilizing a more objective measurement system with higher reproducibility instead of using visual approximation.
Participants' categorization of their own body type closely matched BMI data.
To guide you towards your perfect body shape, we've devised an exercise plan for each of the three body types and asked three women t o try the system out.
If you're a slender Sister, feel free to model the garter-belt ensembles--they are, after all, made especially for your body type.
The chart shows the number of malfunctions that occur in different commercial GEO satellite body types, such as the Spacebus or BS702 models.
But when the researchers asked women to use the same device to select the ideal male body type, they came up with "a very ordinary-looking male body.
The rising significance of the thin ideal is apparent from the changing perceptions of the ectomorphic body type.
We must wriggle free before we can learn to really feel good about ourselves, body type and all.
Most important of all, the very premise of a black body type is suspect to begin with.