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Both mortuary sites were heavily criticised for their cleanliness and maintenance, with the Royal Glamorgan, in Llantrisant, showing signs of damp and in areas where the bodies are stored, and rust on refrigerated body store doors.
In the Lothians, the health board said two larger fridges were installed last year, while work is under way on the body store at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary "which will increase capacity for bariatric deceased patients".
In 2001 Tom Souza, owner and president of My Emotions, a bath and body store that caters to the emotions of every teen, opened the fourth store in the chain.
Whereas Type 1 diabetes occurs when the pancreas stops producing insulin, Type 2 diabetes is caused by either the body not producing enough insulin (a hormone which helps the body store and use the sugar from food) or not using it correctly.
The new 30,000m facility will provide logistics support to the company's manufacturing plant and head office at Goodwood, West Sussex for current and future models, and consolidate three current operations: an inbound warehouse for production parts, a distribution center - including an inbound body store and finished car store - and a workshop.
13 December 2013 - French cosmetics group L'Oreal SA (EPA:OR) said today that its The Body Shop brand had wrapped up the purchase of a 51% stake in Brazilian sector player Emporio Body Store.
* BRAZIL: The Body Shop, a L'Oreal unit, has acquired a 51% stake in the Emporio Body Store in Brazil, with the option to increase its stake to 80% by 2019, according to the company.
Proteins tend to stick together at high concentrations, impairing their function, so it was unclear how myoglobin was able to help the body store enough oxygen to allow mammals, such as whales and seals, to endure underwater for long periods of time without breathing.
Whole Foods has since taken advantage of its prime location and opened a Whole Body store.
Five years ago Whole Foods opened its first Whole Body store, a 3,000-square-foot health and beauty outlet in New York City.
Eating too much makes your body store more fat than it needs.
Assuming that an equal amount of vitamin D was stored in all adipose tissue in the body, the median body store in people given vitamin D supplements was 6.6 mg (264,000 IU) of vitamin D and 0.12 mg of 25(OH)D.