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Teach Us Body Sense: Your Teeth Books Teeth John Gaskin,1984, Franklin Watts Limited, New York This book tells about teeth and advises on tooth and gum care.
"When you continue to diet your body senses that you are giving it less food and the thyroid slows down so the weight loss decreases.
"If muscle isn't stimulated, your body senses that you don't need it," explains Miriam Nelson of Tufts University in Boston.
The body senses when intestinal calcium absorption is inadequate.
The body senses the subtle electromagnetic fields around the moving water, and the subconscious moves the rods to a distinct position to indicate the hidden pipe.
Ordinarily, when the body senses disease or injury, it quickly converts some standby white blood cells into active duty as macrophages.
The body senses when it is hyperventilating and strives to relax.
When your body senses cold temperatures, the pores in your skin get smaller to keep in body heat.
Everything our body senses is stored in deep cellular memory.
If the body senses that the eyes are dry, it will start to manufacture more tears.
It is a painkiller that works by changing the way the body senses pain.