body scheme

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1. a calculated plan of action.
2. schema.
body scheme the acquisition of an internal awareness of the body and the relationship of body parts to one another; a sensorimotor performance component of occupational therapy.
Intervention scheme see intervention scheme.
Problem Classification scheme see problem classification scheme.
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bod·y scheme

(bod'ē skēm)
A kinesthetic awareness of body parts and the relationship of those parts to one another and to objects in the environment.
Synonym(s): kinesthetic awareness.
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body scheme

Knowledge of one's body parts and their relative positions.
See: proprioception
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It was also claimed that: "Edinburgh Rugby's contracted players are no longer insured by the governing body scheme for training or playing."
She describes client-centered practice and evidence-based practice, general evaluation methods such as interviewing and administering tests, visual processing skills based on modified information processing theory and Warren's hierarchical model of visual processing, apraxia, body scheme disorders such as right-left discrimination, visual discrimination skills such as spatial relations and topographic disorientation, agnosia in its various forms, orientation and attention, memory, executive function, acalculia, factors that influence vision, perception and cognition such as depression, and the use of computers in retraining of the patient.
Report of space and objects around us is reflected in the body scheme. It is current data that are based entirely and exteroceptive sensory information.