body scheme

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1. a calculated plan of action.
2. schema.
body scheme the acquisition of an internal awareness of the body and the relationship of body parts to one another; a sensorimotor performance component of occupational therapy.
Intervention scheme see intervention scheme.
Problem Classification scheme see problem classification scheme.

body scheme

a piagetian term for a cognitive structure that develops in infants in the sensorimotor period during the first 2 years of life as they learn to differentiate between themselves and the world around them.

bod·y scheme

(bod'ē skēm)
A kinesthetic awareness of body parts and the relationship of those parts to one another and to objects in the environment.
Synonym(s): kinesthetic awareness.

body scheme

Knowledge of one's body parts and their relative positions.
See: proprioception
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Psychomotric (coordination, kinestesic sense, body scheme, etc.
Psyhomotric qualities: body scheme, general and segmented coordination capacity, space-time perception, quickness of movements, anticipation capacity.