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body position

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Q. Please tell me what possible changes in body should I look for, as an indication for a positive sign? I had done my home pregnancy test and found it to be negative and I know they are not much reliable….…….soon I will meet doctor. Please tell me what possible changes in body should I look for, as an indication for a positive sign?

A. Agree with Brandon, urine pregnancy tests are quite reliable and usually will pick up a prgnancy long before you have physical symptoms; possibly even before you miss a period.

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Setting a ball from the same body position requires the setter to execute phases 1 through 4 before ever touching the ball.
When coding nonverbal behaviours, she looked for specific positive cues, including open body position, eye contact, smile and touch.
An open body position, no ball watching, and a constant surveying of the field helps ensure proper positioning.
Woods said: "It felt good and all of a sudden I got into my natural kind of body position and I wasn't dragging the blade any more .
The 6-foot-5 Johnson gained body position on Sharks defenseman Bob Rouse - a large player himself at 6-2 - in front of the San Jose net and had only to get his stick on a centering pass from Ian Laperriere to deflect the puck past goalie Mike Vernon.
Not just any Joe Blow can hold a body position while dropping through the air.
Thus transient ischemic attacks (TIA), often the prodromal warning of incipient stroke, occur commonly when the patient arises from bed; orthostatic fainting and dizziness arise when a drop in blood pressure, hypotension, accompanies a change in body position from recumbent to erect.
London, July 7 (ANI): A new piece of research suggests that when it comes to learning new behaviours, autistic kids rely more on their own internal sense of body position rather than external cues, typically used by developing children.
A coach will give a right or left direction command and the players must react with speed while maintaining the correct body position.
Staying High on the balls of the feet enables the hurdler to obtain a body position that will enable him/her to maintain continuity throughout the race and contribute to a smooth trajectory through the various phases of the race.
The left leg extends toward the toeboard, creating an elongated body position similar to the letter "A.
Additionally, during pre-race wind-tunnel testing, AMD Opteron and AMD Athlon processors enabled Armstrong and the team to monitor the effects of body position, bike component position, and equipment relative to air turbulence.