body plethysmograph

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any device for measuring and recording variations in the volume of an organ, part, or limb.
body plethysmograph a device used in pulmonary function tests to measure parameters such as functional residual capacity (FRC) and lung-thorax compliance (CLT). It consists of a large box in which the subject can be sealed so that volume of the thorax can be determined from pressure changes in the box.
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bod·y ple·thys·mo·graph

a chamber apparatus surrounding the entire body, commonly used in studies of respiratory function.
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Inside the body plethysmograph with the door closed, the patient breathes normally on the mouthpiece.
The outdoor temperature was measured during the day of investigation at the place of the mobile body plethysmograph and included in the analysis as daily mean temperature.
A gas uptake/ whole body plethysmograph system (Figure 1) was used for unrestrained simultaneous measurement of all ventilation parameters.
In each experiment, a naive group of 4 male BALB/c mice (M&B A/S, Ry, Denmark), maintained under standard conditions, was exposed, head only, in separate body plethysmographs. We compared the mean effect for 12 mice for the period between the 11th and 20th minute to values obtained during the pre-exposure period, to determine the exposure effects.