body of uterus

bod·y of u·ter·us

the part of the uterus above the isthmus, comprising about two thirds of the nonpregnant organ.
Synonym(s): corpus uteri [TA]
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Previously leiomyoma of the cervix (Ramadan and El Hassan, 1975) and the body of uterus (Damodaran and Parthasarathy, 1972) have been reported in two old goats.
Bilateral tubes and left ovary were normal with flimsy adhesion between the posterior surface of the body of uterus & left tube.
In the present study 49% of specimens showed adenomyosis in the body of uterus. 30% of these showed adenomyosis alone and 19% showed adenomyosis with leiomyomas.
An additional note that accompanies the EIN diagnosis indicates that, if a patient is given a diagnosis of malignant neoplasm of the endometrium with endometrial intraepithelial neoplasia, the code for the malignancy (182.0, Malignant neoplasm of body of uterus; corpus uteri, except isthmus) would be reported instead of the EIN code.
Ultrasonography revealed a well-defined iso to hyper echoic, moderately vascular mass in cervical lumen protruding out of external os; fundus and body of uterus not separately identified.
1) while pushing back the uterus into abdominal cavity a superficial uterine rupture was seen on body of uterus which was also closed with double row of Lembert sutures using catgut no.
But your diagnosis code will be taken from the obstetric complications chapter (e.g., 654.13, tumors of body of uterus), which may create a mismatch in the diagnosis/procedure check in the payer's computer.
Patient remained asymptomatic for 25 years and Cu-T found embedded on the anterior surface of the body of uterus adherent with omentum, while doing vaginal hysterectomy.
The uterine torsion in mares may occur owing to long body of uterus (Sisson and Grossman, 1969).
Most leiomyomas are situated in the body of uterus but in 1-2% of cases they are confined to cervix.
The animal was standing with the body of uterus entirely prolapsed and reached up to the level of hock showing severely inflammed, congested uterine endometrium and caruncles (Fig.1).
Intra-operative findings-haemoperitoneum of approximately 350ml of blood, uterine perforation approximately 5cms on the anterior wall of body of uterus, circumferential tear of ileum with unhealthy margins, 3ft from ileocecal junction, multiple contusions of approximately 5-10cms proximal and distal to perforation site, were found.