body of talus

bod·y of ta·lus

the large posterior part of the talus forming the trochlea above for articulation with the tibia and fibula and articulating below with the calcaneus.
Synonym(s): corpus tali [TA]
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Magnetic Resonance (MR) imaging of left ankle revealed a well-defined uniloculated osteolytic lesion with fluid filled levels involving the dome and posterior part of body of talus.
Figure 1: Pre-op radiograph showing well defined osteolytic lesion of talus & MRI showing well defined, uniloculated, osteolytic lesion with fluid Level involving the dome and Posterior part of body of talus with intrinsic haemorrhage suggestive of unicameral bone cyst.
The fractures of neck and body of talus must be treated operatively and fixed, percutaneous or open depending on the reduction with a aim of early fixation to reduce AVN incidences.
But in our case, the location was anteromedial aspect of the body of Talus and occurred in the second decade, which is contrary to the existing reports in the literature.
X-ray of the right ankle revealed an eccentric osteolytic lesion within the body of talus in anteroposterior view.