body of pancreas

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bod·y of pan·cre·as

the part of the pancreas from the point where it crosses the portal vein to the point where it enters the splenorenal ligament.
Synonym(s): corpus pancreatis [TA]
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During the procedure, tumor was found in the tail and body of pancreas. The tumor infiltrated peritoneum, left adrenal gland and left kidney.
Foreign metallic body (sewing needle), spanning from the posterior of a small curvature of stomach to the head and body of pancreas was visualized.
Another well-defined hypoechoic lesion was seen predominantly in the body of pancreas. This lesion showed areas of peripheral calcification along the anterior and posterior margin.
A subtotal gastrectomy with Roux-en-Y reconstruction, transverse colectomy, resection of body of pancreas and splenectomy were carried out.
(6, 10 & 13) Du et al have reported a case located at ampula of Vater and Zhu et al have reported a case in the body of pancreas. Distant metastasis commonly involves liver (26%) and then lymph nodes (14%).
This dorsal pancreatic artery coursed towards the posterior surface of the body of pancreas. The coeliac trunk at its origin itself gave rise to the left inferior phrenic artery.