body of incus

bod·y of in·cus

the main part of the incus that articulates with the malleus and from which the short and long limbs arise.
Synonym(s): corpus incudis [TA]
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Removal of head of Malleus and body of Incus or Incus completely with dislocation of Incudo-stapedial joint and removal of scutum was done for C1b cholesteatoma (medial attic).
Incus was intact in 6 (5.9%) patients, lenticular process erosion was observed in 3 (2.9%) patients, long process of incus was necrosed in 81 (79.4%) patients and body of incus was destroyed in 12 (11.8%) patients.
Among the ossicles, the long process of incus, stapes crura, body of incus and manubrium are involved in that order of frequency.
There is a good correlation between erosion of malleus and body of incus with intraoperative findings, although long process of incus and stapes could not reliably be detected by HRCT.