trunk of corpus callosum

(redirected from body of corpus callosum)

trunk of cor·pus cal·lo·sum

the main arched portion of the corpus callosum.
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Brain MRI revealed several ring enhancing foci in supratentorial brain consistent with TB granulomas with associated acute infarction in anterior body of corpus callosum (Figure 1B, Figure 1C; Figure 2).
Ten [micro]m sections from body of corpus callosum were incubated with 10% goat serum (Sigma, USA) for 45 min, and then were incubated overnight with rabbit anti-Olig2 polyclonal antibody (1:2000; Millipore, CA, USA).
Quantification of myelin content in the body of corpus callosum (Figure 1D) shows that in progesterone pellet implanted mice there was a further significant increase in the remyelination score (1.