trunk of corpus callosum

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trunk of cor·pus cal·lo·sum

the main arched portion of the corpus callosum.
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Brain MRI revealed several ring enhancing foci in supratentorial brain consistent with TB granulomas with associated acute infarction in anterior body of corpus callosum (Figure 1B, Figure 1C; Figure 2).
Ten [micro]m sections from body of corpus callosum were incubated with 10% goat serum (Sigma, USA) for 45 min, and then were incubated overnight with rabbit anti-Olig2 polyclonal antibody (1:2000; Millipore, CA, USA).
The anterior part of frontal lobes are communicated via genu, while the rest of frontal lobes and parietal lobes are connected by the body of corpus callosum, Splenium connects the anterior parts of temporal lobes and occipital lobes together (Snell, 20l0; Waxman, 2009; Carpenter, 1991; Drake, 2010; Patestas & Gartner, 2006).