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In addition, we wanted to test the entire body odour and not just the breathe.
People who sweat too much (hyperhidrosis) may be susceptible to body odour - often the salt level of their sweat is too high for the bacteria to break down.
There is, after all, more to body odour than just passing a sniff test.
The condition is briefly mentioned in the text on delusion disorder, somatic subtype and social phobia (given that some patients with taijin kyofusho (a condition related to social phobia) may suffer from concerns that their body odour is offensive).
They asked 100 women to indicate their preferences on six male body odour samples before and after initiating contraceptive pill use.
It also ruled that Ms Blake had no legitimate expectation of privacy in appearing in the show and that she was the first to raise the issue of her body odour.
A T-SHIRT that that dramatically reduces the impact of body odours with the aid of nanotechnology has been produced by the Thai company United Textile Mills.
He had stubble on his face, bulging eyes, spoke with a Birmingham accent and smelt of body odour and cigarettes.
i have a new boyfriend who has pretty significant body odour.
Almost 90% say body odour is the most embarrassing thing other people could think of them while 80% admit that without a shower and fresh clean clothes they can't confidently face the day
A new concept in body odour control in the UK market, the all-over body 'anti-odorant' contains 20g of odorising mineral crystals inside a 50ml pump-spray bottle.
What could be worse than the unmistakable tang of stale body odour assailing your nostrils?