body jacket

clam-shell brace

(clam-shel brās)
An orthopedic cast that encloses the trunk between anterior and posterior foam-lined rigid plastic components; permits ambulation of patients with injuries of the vertebral column and neck.
Synonym(s): body jacket, Risser cast.
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This common problem has inspired a Chinese company to create a special body jacket to keep scooter riders warm while out and about on their two-wheelers.
According to a Purple Notice issued by Interpol, the ivory mule operation was being conducted via a body jacket and sock-like wrappings.
She was placed in a halo body jacket and underwent uneventful cervical spine stabilization.
During the next several months, her oral function improved and the feeding tube and halo body jacket were removed.
Rachel was fitted with a body jacket splint which Jennifer dubbed her suit of armour.
`Her body jacket of polypropylene plastic and Velcro runs from her armpits to the tops of her thighs.
The recovery time would include six months in a plastic body jacket while the spinal fusion took place.
Her plastic body jacket was ready the second week after surgery and as soon as she put it on she returned to school in her wheelchair.
"We learned masses over the Christmas period, and we are expecting Easter to be a similar time." Distinctive in their fluorescent body jackets, the Street Pastors will be patrolling the streets of Newcastle on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10pm..
In one case, a Texas supplier of medical equipment billed the program for $1 million worth of custom-fit orthotic body jackets, when it actually delivered wheelchair pads worth far less.