body habitus

bod·y hab·i·tus

(bod'ē hab'i-tŭs)
Build, physique, and general shape of the human body.
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This led to identification of a critical safety need and immediate review of policies and procedures for provision of care of patients requiring radiological studies or interventions, which were previously restricted or limited by the patient's girth, weight and body habitus. The encounter also provided the impetus for identification of viable alternatives for local management and long-distance transfer of critically ill, morbidly obese patients, and ultimately, assisted the nurses and treatment team in delivering optimal care for a rapidly increasing population of morbidly obese patients.
In cases of severe, long-standing hypothyroidism, the child may have an underdeveloped nasal bridge and disproportionate body habitus; an unbalanced development of physique and body-proportions, noted Dr Moayed.
In 27 patients, aetiology-related risk factors (hirsute body habitus, deep natal cleft, obesity, local trauma, familial history, sedentary lifestyle and smoking) were present.
However, detection can be limited by a large body habitus or overlying bowel gas.
The PAWPER XL tape (the next generation of the original PAWPER tape) was specifically designed to be used in emergencies and makes use of measurement of length as well as assessment of body habitus, either visually or with the assistance of figural reference images, to generate a rapid, accurate, calculation-free estimation of weight.
Examination revealed a young gentleman with an average body habitus. He looked in pain.
Percutaneous access to the subarachnoid space-an approach to the patient with difficult body habitus. J Vasc Interv Neurol 2015; 8(2): 28-31.
Lightweight wireless S-Detectors that receive the x-ray signals come in multiple sizes, making the GC70 adaptable for use with patients of different ages and body habitus. Furthermore, tailored configurations of the entire GC70's component set enable healthcare providers to use the DR system across many different service lines including: dedicated chest rooms, outpatient clinics and orthopedic practices.
It is uncertain, however, whether the evidence of mild right heart strain was acutely due to the pulmonary emboli or if these findings were chronic and due to the patient's body habitus and sleep apnea.
Percutaneous needle caecostomy would also prove difficult in patients with significant body habitus or extensive previous intra-abdominal surgery (due to likely adhesions).