body habitus

bod·y hab·i·tus

(bod'ē hab'i-tŭs)
Build, physique, and general shape of the human body.
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7%) in the laparoscopic group (poor visualization = 3, body habitus = 1).
Conduits such as these are often difficult to visualize by echocardiography due to anatomical position, body habitus, or surgical scarring.
2), (3) Indices to monitor body habitus, including body mass index (BMT) and waist circumference, are listed in Tables Il and III.
For patients with a smaller body habitus, we used the same camera port site and the most caudal of the 8-mm robotic port sites for the lower tract surgery (Fig.
The patient's body habitus and scalp swelling rendered landmark palpation difficult.
All the above factors except hypertension and diabetes had independent significant impact on renal length; and being young, male and of a bigger body habitus predicted to having the largest kidney size.
Throughout the reproductive years, health care providers to women should support and encourage them to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body habitus," Dr.
Magnetic resonance imaging of cerebrospinal fluid volume and the influence of body habitus and abdominal pressure.
Boney urged that those with DKA and ketosis should be started on intravenous fluids and insulin, regardless of their age and body habitus.
Second, because this sensor technology represents a new paradigm by changing cardiac biomarker measurement from an in vitro activity to an in vivo activity, there will be a host of new issues to consider, including ease of implant placement and recovery, safety, comfort, and reproducibility of measurements according to patient age, body habitus, and clinical scenario.
With the iCT, Philips has effectively overcome the physical challenges of cardiac imaging such as the movement of the heart and the variability of heart rate, size and body habitus, allowing the breakthrough capability of imaging the heart within two heartbeats and with up to 80 percent dose reduction.