body habitus

bod·y hab·i·tus

(bod'ē hab'i-tŭs)
Build, physique, and general shape of the human body.
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8,10,12-14] An important contributor to the reduced accuracy of the PAWPER tape was inaccurate assessment of body habitus in these obese children.
Percutaneous access to the subarachnoid space-an approach to the patient with difficult body habitus.
Lightweight wireless S-Detectors that receive the x-ray signals come in multiple sizes, making the GC70 adaptable for use with patients of different ages and body habitus.
For diagnosing coronary artery disease, myocardial perfusion PET imaging outperforms other tests because of its high diagnostic accuracy, low radiation exposure, short image acquisition time and its ability to accommodate ill or high-risk patients and those with large body habitus," says Vasken Dilsizian, MD, lead author of the Guideline and Professor of Radiology and Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore.
Magnetic resonance imaging of cerebrospinal fluid volume and the influence of body habitus and abdominal pressure.
The stock adjusts in 5/8" increments to optimize for body armor or an atypical body habitus.
within the abdomen No No in patients of varying difference difference body habitus 11.
The introduction has been expanded to include information on the anatomical position, directional terms, body planes, body cavities, body habitus, and abdominopelvic quadrants and regions.
For patients with a smaller body habitus, we used the same camera port site and the most caudal of the 8-mm robotic port sites for the lower tract surgery (Fig.
2), (3) Indices to monitor body habitus, including body mass index (BMT) and waist circumference, are listed in Tables Il and III.