body dysmorphia

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A psychiatric condition in which the patient has a profound negative distortion of his/her body image, which may hinge on perceived craniofacial flaws or imperfections of physique, leading to compulsive checking of his/her appearance in the mirror, intense self-consciousness, social avoidance, isolation and depression
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As for recovering from her disordered eating and body dysmorphia, her definition of "winning the battle" is currently eating "one good meal and as much protein as possible" every day, which over time, she trusts, she will see her return to "normal" eating.
On one end of the spectrum, it's men who are very introverted or who have social anxieties or issues with body dysmorphia and self-worth.
And what in the world was that scene in which Patty and the random trans woman we never see again commiserate over body dysmorphia?
These books will be presented in a graphic novel format and will focus on sensitive topics such as body dysmorphia, school shootings, transgender, suicide and opioid addiction.
PICK OF THE DAY ugly me: my life with body dysmorphia BBC1, 10.45pm DISGUSTED by her own reflection in the mirror, 29-year-old Liane is crippled by a condition that causes her to believe she is horrifically ugly.
Critics claim this trend, like the thigh gap, is just another unrealistic and problematic body goal for women to aspire to, triggering body dysmorphia or disordered eating habits among people.
"There's a lot of crossover between aesthetic nasal surgery and some other psychological entity called body dysmorphia, where patients have a skewed perception of their own physique," he said.
In 2016, she also admitted she'd experienced reverse body dysmorphia - which led her to believe she was a size 10, when really she was a size 16.
"I think people have a bit of body dysmorphia these days from looking on Instagram and thinking they need to look like these people.
Straight Jacket is a cri de coeur for a rainbow flag generation living under a dark cloud of self-loathing and body dysmorphia, for which Todd accepts some blame by promoting images of gym-toned perfection on Attitude's front cover.
In 2015 Huffington Post broke our story as the first Fashion Week to present two double mastectomy models in our show Inside the Celebrity Closet, which presented the theme of body dysmorphia and self-image in the
Mum-to-be Sandi Thom has told how being pregnant helped her win a battle with body dysmorphia.