body density

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bod·y den·si·ty

(bod'ē den'si-tē)
The quotient of mass divided by volume, used in the calculation of body composition.
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It measures body density, from which fat and lean mass content are estimated, by assuming standard figures for density of these components [8].
Based on the SIRI-equation (2) for converting body density into a percentage body fat (PF) these densities correspond to PF's of 5.4% and 7.5% respectively which seems very unlikely given their sample was composed of 29 women and 5 men, and not for example elite male athletes.
Computation of Body density (BD): Body density was calculated by the standard formulae [22].
Different methods are used for the measurement of obesity ranging from simple anthropometric measurements such as BMI, WC, WHR, to skinfold thickness, and body density. A study showed considerable variation in waist and hip circumferences and WHR.
Body fat assessed from total body density and its estimation from skinfold thickness: measurements on 481 men and women aged from 16 to 72 years.
Body density was estimated from subcutaneous fat thickness using an ultrasound-derived prediction equation (10).
Additionally, seven skin folds (triciptal, subscapular, pectoral, axillary, abdominal, suprailiac and thigh) were measured in triplicate by a trained examiner using a Cescorf[R] scientific skinfold caliper, according to the protocol of Jackson and collaborators (1980) for individuals over 18 years, to estimate body density. After that, body fat percentage was calculated using equations proposed by Siri (1961).
Body density was estimated based on skinfolds (8), and the percent body fat was determined based on body density (24).
Figure 1 Body Density, Body Fat Percentage, and Lean Body Mass Estimates Females: Body density = 1.0994921 - 0.0009929*X + 0.0000023*[X.sup.2] - 0.0001392*age (where X = sum of triceps, supra iliac and thigh skinfold measurements, and [X.sup.2] = square of the sums of triceps, supra iliac and thigh skinfold measurements) Males: Body density = 1.1093800 - 0.0008267*X + 0.0000016*[X.sup.2] - 0.0002574*age (where X = sum of chest, abdominal, thigh skinfold measurements, and [X.sup.2] = square of the sums of chest, abdominal, thigh skinfold measurements) The whole-body DEXA scan was performed on non-dialysis days, midweek (Wednesday or Thursday), on all patients.
These equations estimate body density [25-30], body fat percentage [16,18,31, 32], or body fat mass [33] (Table 1).