Body Check

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A maneuver in which an ice hockey player bumps or slams an opponent with either his hip or shoulder (the only legal moves) to block the opponent’s progress or throw him off-balance
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After reviewing the conflicting witness evidence as to the circumstances of the check, the Court concluded that Mr Johnson had not proven that the student intended to body check him.
Moreover, the accidental injuries are more severe than those from body checks.
But what it was, was a body check and no more than that.
In the mid '80s, the role of the defensive player changed from the football-type close defender and extra long-pole midfielder looking for a crushing body check to the nubile, equally quick defenseman who, with flashing stickwork and a repertoire of stick checks, is able to contain the potent attackmen.
Muscat's blatant body check on Eadie sparked the flare-up.
The case was registered after the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) approached the police against the staff of the American airliner for carrying out a pre-embarkation body check of Kalam, which it maintains, is in gross violation of a BCAS circular which exempts specified VVIPs/VIPs from security checks.
There are three screening options available - bronze - three moles checked (pounds 25); silver - full body check (pounds 45); gold - full body check for customer and a member of their family (pounds 65).
In the 30th minute United defender Claude Davis hobbled off and was replaced in by Leigh Bromby just before his team-mate Rob Kozluk got a yellow card in the 32nd minute for a blatant body check on Watford's Anthony McNamee.
The first booking arrived just before half-time when Jamie Bishop was punished for a body check on Russell as he raced clear.
It quickly went from bad to worse for Gloucester as scrum-half Moncrieff followed Manix from the arena following a blatant body check on his opposite number Agustin Pichot.
A pair of binoculars and pictures of fighters were also reportedly found on him during a body check.
The result at Upton Park could have been worse for Hammers if referee Paul Durkin had spotted two penalty offences by defender David Unsworth first a handball to stop David Platt's pass getting through and then a body check to prevent teenager striker Nicolas Anelka beating him to Emmanuel Petit's pass.