body chart

body chart,

n method used by a practitioner to record symptoms experienced by the patient and the affected regions.
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1) During his lifelong studies on hysteria, Charcot conducted a thorough examination with each patient, managing to plot the distribution of these hysterogenic points on a body chart.
Even with the body chart fully expanded in the window the definition and resolution is not clear.
One unique feature is a Symptoms Guide that quickly helps people match their symptoms (from a body chart visual) with a page for more specific information on that topic.
Chapter 14, "Introduction to Medicine," provides us with some Latin and Greek word roots used mostly in medical terminology and includes positional and anatomical definitions using a human body chart.
life 67800 David McLachlan, prosecuting, said when the woman was taken to the Royal Liverpool Hospital she had so many injuries it took the doctor more than four hours and eight body charts to record them.