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alternative medicine

a heterogeneous set of practices 'that are offered as an alternative to conventional medicine, for the preservation of health and the diagnosis and treatment of health-related problems; its practitioners are often called healers'; alternative health care practices constitute a vast array of treatments and ideologies, which may be well-known, exotic, mysterious, or even dangerous, and are based on no common or consistent philosophy; the practitioners range from being sincere, well-educated, and committed to their form of healing, to charlatans, deprecatingly known as 'quacks'. See Fringe medicine, Holistic medicine, Integrative medicine, Office of Alternative Medicine. Cf Unproven methods for cancer management.
Alternaive therapies, types of
Alternative (formal) systems
Acupuncture, ayurvedic medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, homeopathy, osteopathy
Body awareness
Exercise and movement therapies, eg dance therapy, martial arts, yoga
Manipulative therapies
Chiropractic, Hellerwork, Rolfing®
Mental therapies
Humanistic psychology, hypnosis
Natural remedies
Diet, eg macrobiotics, naturopathy
Sensory therapies
Art, color, and music therapy
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Yoga, Pilates, Alexander Technique, and the Feldenkrais Method are all popular body alignment and body awareness methods that may help singers and teachers improve mind-body connections.
Subjects in the intervention group (n = 20) received psychodynamic group psychotherapy (Group 1, PGT) and subjects in the comparison group (n = 17) received body awareness therapy (Group 2, BAT).
M began to develop a solid foundation of improved autoregulation and enhanced mind- body awareness, the treatment plan addressed her continued struggles with severe muscle tension and chronic neck pain.
People across the West Midlands are being urged to support a new early diagnosis campaign from Cancer Research UK which aims to promote a body awareness message throughout the region.
Chapters discuss autism's lack of body awareness, perceptions of the world, and how these various characteristics translate into and affect the religious experience.
Such classes are as much about teaching body awareness and balance as they are about dance steps, explained Elie Younes, the founder of Spin360 dance studio, which celebrated its official grand opening earlier this month.
The 17 chapters, divided into four parts, are beautifully presented: "Posture and Dynamic Alignment" (or dynamic imagery in practice), "Biomechanical and Anatomical Principles and Exercises" (foundations for understanding the imagery based on physics and kinesiology), "Exercises for Anatomical Imagery" (to increase body awareness and fine-tune alignment), and "Returning to Holistic Alignment."
"Apart from the obvious health benefits exercise improves posture and body awareness and a feeling of well-being, self esteem and self-confidence is really positive for expectant mums.
Cheryl slowly breaks down Mark's defences with body awareness exercises.
* Pat Ogden, PhD, demonstrates how to help clients create a "somatic narrative" through greater body awareness.
It combines several health practices such as acupressure, deep tissue massage, and body awareness as well as more conventional psychotherapy to provide patients with a complete healing experience.
From body awareness and thoughtful speaking and listening to cultivating a balanced view of emotions, this teaches readers how to understand how their ADHD brain works-and then, how to use mindful awareness to address these challenges.