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NYou can see Bode and his troupe Sakoba at The Maltings, Berwick, on October 15.
Survival of patients with COPD who are considered candidates for lung transplantation is significantly better than would be predicted by extrapolation of survival from the cohort in which the BODE score was validated", said Dr.
Multidimensional assessment tools in COPD (such as BODE index, DOSE index, etc.
Despite this similarity to Dewey's ideas, Bode thought of subject matter differently than Dewey did.
At four in the morning Arthur Bode was woken from his sleep by a thump in his stomach.
Bode said the two organizations have different fiscal years which accounts for some of the disparity between their numbers, and also noted that United Way is including designated gifts from direct donors in its calculations for the year to come.
The benefits of our multi-layered RFID solution, represents a substantial jump in our development to improve the capabilities of our state-of-the-art forensic system," said Barry Watson, CEO of GlobalOptions' Bode Technology unit.
Assessing prognosis and clinical risk: The risk of death from respiratory causes increases by more than 60% for each one point increase in BODE index (Celli et al 2004).
Up on Whistler mountain, Bode Miller's triumph at the twilight of his career might just silence the critics of the former tearaway of American skiing, but the 32-year-old played down the gold's importance.
We see the acquisition of Bode as a strategically important step that excellently complements our focused growth strategy.
Bode, reading the first two books, The Anybodies and The Nobodies, is not imperative, as Bode adequately orients the reader to the main characters and events in the foreword.
WHEN Bode Lawal performs at the Gala Theatre in Durham tomorrow, he'll be showcasing a new technique set to become his creative signature.