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An up-and-down movement.


/bob·bing/ (bob´ing) a quick, jerky, up-and-down movement.
ocular bobbing  a jerky downward deviation of the eyes with slow return, seen in comatose patients and believed to be due to a pontine lesion.


the act of moving up and down, usually with a jerking motion.

Patient discussion about bobbing

Q. hi I m Ian Bob 21/m. I am suffering bipolar disorder, what can i do to prevent this disorder!

A. Hi Bob, its nice to have you here.
Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to prevent bipolar disorder, however you can manage the illness. There are a lot of different things you can do wo manage the symptoms. You can see a theropist and psychiatrist, for meds and talk theropy. You can get regular excercise, meditate, surround yourself with positive supportive people. Teach your friends and family about your illness and what you need from them in your times of need.
You can also come here and ask questions and answer other peoples questions to help get out some of thie thoughts you have. You have a support system here with plenty of people who know what you are going through and care about you.
I hope this helps you!

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You may let it alone, then," Bob called out after him.
wouldn't," said Bob, getting louder, in a last effort to sustain his defiance.
Here Bob flung the knife as far as he could after Tom's retreating footsteps.
So Bob shuffled back to the spot where the beloved knife lay in the dirt, and felt quite a new pleasure in clutching it again after the temporary separation, in opening one blade after the other, and feeling their edge with his well-hardened thumb.
The bob soon became the dominant female hairstyle across the Western world, taking on variations such as The Eton Bob (the shortest version of the hairstyle) and The Shingle Cut (tapered to give a soft, sloping effect), adding to the controversial 'flapper girl' spirit.
In the last 50 years, we have seen Folk Bob, Protest Bob, Electric Bob, Country Bob, Love-Sick Bob, Jewish Bob, Christian Bob and Infidel Bob.
For Bob at eighty, I wanted to make a piece of writing, an occasional piece, but one that involved certain practices and principles that are operative and generative in other work, in my own electronic writing.
Bob worked for the the local orchards while attending Pinkerton Academy.
Overall their responses, especially to questions one, two and four, were not very complimentary and it was more than evident that these six-year-old children thought they were too sophisticated to admit they liked Bob the Builder.
Narrator D: In time, Bob manages to send home enough money for his brother Matt to move to Chicago.
Years later, in his Madison book, Bob explained why support for religious liberty is so important.