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Balloon Angioplasty vs. Optimal Atherectomy Trial. A trial that investigated whether DCA is better than balloon angioplasty for de novo lesions in native coronary arteries
Primary endpoints MACE, TLR—time to relapse at 1 year
Conclusion DCA followed by aggressive PTCA results in significantly increased lumen diameters and decreased rates of restenosis at 6 months than PTCA alone; despite angiographic improvement, rate of clinical events at 1 year is not significantly different between optimal DCA and PTCA


Cardiology An ongoing study–Balloon Angioplasty vs Optimal Atherectomy on the efficacy of aggressive atherectomy as a means of improving the short-term results of angioplasty. Cf CAVEAT.

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Q. I love to travel in this boat Anyone knows, what makes this happen? I am in my first trimester and I am happy with my pregnancy and so far it’s been a smooth sailing boat. I love to travel in this boat till I reach the destination. But one thing that troubles me is that I tend to sleep more. Anyone knows, what makes this happen, please give some input….

A. Hey! It’s a good sign that you tend to sleep more. It is a common symptom among majority of the pregnant women and that too in the first trimester. The need for excess sleep is caused by the newly raised levels of progesterone, which is normal during pregnancy. This hormone helps to regulate the reproductive cycle. This hormone generally makes you drowsy and is the need for extra nap. Enjoy with your pregnancy. Your are perfectly alright. Remember to grab short nap whenever you can and it is absolutely harmless. You will have a different sleeping pattern while in the 2nd and 3rd trimester.

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Gulfam Khan, another boatman, said due to low water level, the number of visitors, tourists and picnickers to the lake had declined.
The flight - 5085 - was expected to depart for Seattle, Boatman said.
I think it's been a really good opportunity for people who were not able to attend the commission meetings to give feedback," Boatman said of the coffee meetings.
Elle Boatman served in the Air Force from 2001-2011 as a crew chief, focusing on repairing and maintaining various aircraft at McConnell Air Force Base.
The boatman became a lifeline to the outside world.
Boatman joined the management team at SAK Construction in 2009 to manage business development efforts in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi.
According to Sadar Tandlianwala Police, boatman Mohammad Nadeem made his boat overloaded by boarding 15 passengers including 4 women, and loading a buffalo and 6 motorcycles in it.
I wanted to explore the world that's why I came to the UAE," said 21-year-old boatman Dinesh.
Peter Allison, who's |also a harbour boatman, cleaning a slipway
Tenders are invited for Outsourcing Of Personnel On Fully Contract Basis In Different Categories (02 Motor Boat Drivers, 02 Boatman, 06 Divers, 03 Security Guards/Chowkidar And 03 LMV Drivers) And 26 Person (03 Motor Boat Drivers, 22 Boatman, 01 LMV Driver) Additional Staff For Rainy Season.
The lifeboatmen who made the ultimate sacrifice were Coxswain William J Gammon, 2nd Coxswain William Noel, 1st Mechanic Gilbert Davies, 2nd Mechanic Ernest Griffin, Boatman William Thomas, Boatman William Howell, Boatman Ronald Thomas and Boatman Richard Smith.
Media reports indicated that a retired judge, a boatman, a weaver and a singer would be proposing Modi's nomination in Varanasi.