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1. Those designated with managerial authority to supervise, investigate, or provide verification of credentials.
2. Any such experts responsible for policy, financial allocations, and similar oversight.



An authorised assembly or meeting, public or private, of persons appointed or elected to manage or direct a business or trust, as a board of directors, trustees.

Healthcare Informatics Standards Board

The group that decides how an NHS organisation undertakes its legal duties and functions. The Board consists of a chair, non-executive directors and executive members.

Vox populi
A piece of thin wood or other material used for a special purpose.


Administration An authorized assembly or meeting, public or private of persons appointed or elected to manage or direct a business or trust, as a board of directors, trustees. See Institutional review board, National Board of Medical Examiners, Professional board, Specialty board, State board of medicine Informatics Healthcare Informatics Standards Board.


(bord) [Old English bord, board, table]
1. A long, flat piece of a substance such as wood or firm plastic.
2. A governing or oversight committee, such as one that directs the affairs of a hospital, clinic, company, or other organization.

American Board of Internal Medicine

See: American Board of Internal Medicine

arm board

1. A board placed under and attached to the arm for stabilization during intravenous administration.
2. A device attached to the sides of a wheelchair to permit support or positioning of the arm, esp. for persons with upper-extremity paralysis.

back board

A stiff board on which an individual with a known or suspected spinal or pelvic injury is secured so that the patient's neuraxis is splinted in-line during transport. The device should be used with a head immobilization device and a cervical collar.

balance board

Rocker board.

bed board

A firm board placed beneath a mattress to keep it from sagging. It is used to treat some persons with back difficulties. It is also used in cardiopulmonary resuscitation to improve the effectiveness of chest compressions.

communication board

Any device with letters, pictures, or words that lets patients with impaired physical and verbal ability express themselves.

foot board

A flat piece of material placed at the foot end of a patient's bed. It is angled slightly away from the patient and extends up above the mattress. When used properly it helps to prevent footdrop. The patient should be positioned in bed so that when the legs are fully extended the soles of the feet just touch the padded board.

board of health

A public body, appointed or elected, concerned with administering the laws pert. to the health of the public.

institutional review board

Abbreviation: IRB
A medical oversight committee that governs or regulates medical investigations involving human subjects. The purpose of the board is to protect the rights and health of participants in clinical trials.
See: informed consent

lap board

A tray or platform that is placed over the lap. When such a device is designed to be attached to a wheelchair in order to support the hands and arms or to permit manual activities, it is known as a wheelchair lap board.

long back board

A flat or slightly concave board approx. 6 ft long and 2 ft wide, often made of laminated wood or plastic, that is used to immobilize a patient with a mechanism for a potential neck or back injury. This device is used together with a cervical/head immobilization device or blanket roll and a rigid extrication collar.

message board

An Internet-based forum for posts and discussions about, e.g., a specific disease or condition.

National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification, Inc.

See: National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification, Inc.

National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy

See: National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy

National Board for Respiratory Care

See: National Board for Respiratory Care

rocker board

A board with rockers or a partial sphere on the undersurface so that a rocking motion occurs when a person stands on it. It is commonly used in therapy with children having central nervous system deficits to facilitate the development of appropriate equilibrium-related postural reflexes. It is also used in patients/clients of all ages to stimulate lower extremity and trunk proprioception and kinesthetic sense. Synonym: balance board; wobble board

short back board

A flat board, approx. 3 ft long and 2 ft wide, often made of laminated wood or plastic that is used to immobilize a seated patient with a mechanism for a potential neck or back injury. This device is used together with a cervical/head immobilization device or blanket roll and a rigid extrication collar. The short backboard is used to remove a stable injured patient from a vehicle onto a long backboard. Most ambulance services have moved to a more modern vest-style device such as a Kendrich extrication device (KED).

slider board

A flat slab of metal, plastic, or wood used to transfer a patient horizontally from one surface to another, e.g., from a gurney to a hospital bed. Slider boards or patient transfer boards are used to prevent musculoskeletal injuries sustained while mobilizing patients.

sliding board

Transfer board.

spine board

, spineboardBack board.
Enlarge picture
TRANSFER BOARD: Use of a transfer board to move from bed to chair.

transfer board

A device used to bridge the space between a wheelchair and a bed, toilet, or car seat; used to facilitate independent or assisted transfer of the patient from one of these sites to another.
Synonym: sliding board See: illustration

wobble board

Rocker board.

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