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In response to Gwen Stimely, I blushingly apologize to John Brockmann.
After a brisky fought battle, with neither side taking prisoners by all accounts, Rowntree blushingly accepted the offer from Vevey.
It may be well to mention one further argument which is advanced by some of the most consistent "ethical neutralists." They observe, sometimes haltingly and blushingly, that after all it is by no means establishable on grounds of evidence and logic that there is any virtue in being humanitarian.
The President may, as he should, blushingly withdraw Meese from nomination.
When she is not singing in the local choir, Moll takes care of her father (Tim Woodward) and blushingly accepts awkward overtures from a local police officer (Trystan Gravelle).
Pennsylvania may be a watershed state for the two candidates, and they will have to search for votes in such towns as Asylum, Little Hope, Panic and, blushingly, Virginville, as well as Intercourse, a town in Amish country that people see as a sexual reference but was more likely named for "reciprocal social or commercial dealings between individuals, groups or nations," as it is defined in Webster's Dictionary.
Using the internet introduction agency, Izzadeen blushingly confessed to looking for "a second, third or fourth wife."
Tomorrow the grateful nation gives her something back, in the shape of an OBE, for work in a subject that most of us still find blushingly difficult to talk about.
The always excellent had blushingly declined to stand in this, or any other category, but still got plenty of votes from bewildered or belligerent well-wishers.
Pat a hint of Colourings Shimmer Crayon in platinum over your cheekbones, then on the apples of cheeks, dab Benefit Cheekies in Blushingly Pink.
Blushingly, she's already admitted to surprising audiences in Ireland by taking to the big ring...
Then there's the lyrical variety, at times portraying tower block violence, at others becoming overtly (almost blushingly) sexual.