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Edmund, German physician, 1836-1914. See: Rose position.


Harry M., 20th-century U.S. microbiologist. See: Rose-Waaler test.


1. Any shrub of the genus Rosa.
2. The petals of Rosa gallica, collected before expanding; used for its agreeable odor.
[L. rosa]
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He said the wine he brought was white, but I pointed out that white zinfandel was a blush wine and he returned to the bar for the correct wine.
Zinfandel, for example, is so dark it is impossible to run white juice from the black grapes, and hence white zinfandel is a rose, called blush wine in California A rose can be made from any red grape and the variety of grape determines the flavour of the rose.
American rose, or blush wine as it came to be known, was the consequence of two accidents, one man-made and one a quirk of nature.
Or instead of sangria, offer a chilled rose or blush wine
Don't assume they're all Chardonnay or blush wine drinkers.
producers (primarily California) sold 2 million cases of wine in Canada, but that includes 450,000 cases of blush wine, a category that Australia doesn't compete in.
see the flavored wines as an alternative to the entire blush wine category.
Go figure." He said response to a frosted flint bottle for the blush wine was also favorable.
In June of last year, Almaden introduced a five-liter box which contained two 2.5 liter bags of wine, a white wine and a blush wine. This package, called the Party-in-a-Box, was an instant hit.
Enhancing their journey to the valley, the Spring Wine Festival presents the opportunity to indulge in the appreciation of red, white and blush wines from across Washington state.
It once produced 20,000 bottles a year and still produces still, sparkling and blush wines marketed under the Cariad label.