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Don't ignore your blurry vision--make an appointment with an ophthalmologist who can conduct a thorough eye exam.
They also said that the volunteers who watched the charity advertisement donated more money to the charity, but only after seeing the blurry, difficult to read ad.
She mingles actual soldiers' autobiographies with fictional picaresque narratives to the point that the boundaries between history and literature become very blurry indeed.
It could take a range of photos indoors and then show me what I had so I could delete all the clear shots and save only the blurry.
The top 10 from Liverpool HMV this week is: 1 Dove (I'll Be Loving You) - Moony 2 Blurry - Puddle of Mudd 3 Light My Fire - Will Young 4 Without Me - Eminem 5 Sweetness - Jimmy Eat World 6 Be Cool - Paffendorf 7 Hella Good - No Doubt 8 We're On The Ball - Ant and Dec 9 Jump On Demand - Spunge 10 Stop Playing Guitar - Promise Ring Win a chart album of your choice by telling me the name of the lead singer of No Doubt.
RELATED ARTICLE: Refractive Conditions--Eyes in which sight is blurry due to light rays not being brought to a clear focus on the retina.
Fuzzy or blurry vision is caused when objects we see do not fall where they should on our retina.
My vision is blurry, Carmen, and sometimes I drop papers I've been holding in my left hand and don't realize it until I look for them.
Every one is followed by a mad flurry of keypad tapping, followed by a blurry picture of me in some photo service I've never heard of.
Depending on how we shift our focus, either our target is blurry or our sight pins are blurry.
Despite the fact that she's been photographed drinking in the back of a car with Benji Madden on Halloween, danced until she was blurry at Katy Perry's EMA after-party, and has basically taken up residence at Beacher's Madhouse, Miley INSISTS that she actually doesn't party at all.