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He had been in cardiac arrest 40 minutes before his arrival at hospital, with the cause of his death being blunt injury to his head and face.
Examination of the dead body of the deceased prima facie revealed a superficial cut injury below the chin and a blunt injury mark on the chest," Sharan said.
A post-mortem examination was carried out by Stephen Leadbeatter, who concluded the cause of death was from "a blunt injury to her head, neck and chest", the inquest was told by coroner Mark Layton.
Occlusions are more common in patients with penetrating rather than blunt injury. (12) Stroke occurring from hemodynamic compromise as a result of cervical arterial occlusion alone is less common than embolic complications with a lesser degree of injury.
While penetrating trauma is common in adults, blunt injury accounts for approximately 90% of traumatic injuries in childhood.
A clinical study of blunt injury abdomen in a tertiary care hospital.
At the Holy Family Hospital in Mumbai, India, doctors said he had a blunt injury to his head and suggested the insertion of a shunt into his brain.
Sudden onset of photophobia is not an uncommon aftermath of a blunt injury to the eye.
Blunt injury accounts for most of testicular trauma cases and it occurs most commonly during sporting injuries, straddle injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and assaults, mostly affecting males aged between 10 and 30 years [3, 4].
Rozen, "Complete abdominal wall disruption with herniation following blunt injury: case report and review of the literature," International Surgery, vol.
He said the acute kidney injury of Atio 'could be caused by various events' such as severe blunt trauma to the muscles, a failing heart, medicines that were toxic and excreted through the kidneys, artificially prepared food products that were toxic to the kidneys, direct blunt injury to the kidneys or the dying stage itself.
The spectrum of blunt injury to the carotid artery: A multicenter perspective.