bluetongue virus

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blue·tongue vi·rus

a virus of the genus Orbivirus, in the family Reoviridae; the agent of bluetongue in sheep.
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The bluetongue virus is widely distributed in the United States, but has not been previously found in deer in New Jersey, said Division of Fish and Wildlife Director Dave Chanda.
Monitoring of putative vectors of bluetongue virus serotype 8, Germany.
The presence of bluetongue virus serotype 8 RNA in Belgian cattle since 2008.
He said: "The strain we are currently vaccinating against is bluetongue virus eight (BTv8).
The genus Orbivirus contains several viruses such as bluetongue virus (BTV; 26 serotypes), epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus (EHDV; 8 serotypes), and African horse sickness virus (AHSV; 9 serotypes).
THE National Beef Association (NBA) has renewed its call for more farmers to vaccinate their animals against bluetongue virus.
Ken Yorston, the council's trading standards manager, said: "As a result of this movement, which was notified to us immediately by the market operator, the farm was immediately placed under restriction, the cattle moved were isolated until they could be tested for the bluetongue virus at the keeper's expense and the farmer investigated.
The deadly bluetongue virus could wreak havoc on the show season and Wales' chief vet Dr Christianne Glossop admits she is powerless to act.
By analogy with bluetongue virus (BTV), the Orbivirus type species, the virus serotype is determined by the specificity of interactions between VP2 and neutralizing antibodies generated during infection of the mammalian host.
THE National Beef Association (NBA) has warned that the discovery of new BTV8 bluetongue virus in unvaccinated cattle herds in Europe means that any cattle without vaccination in Britain are already vulnerable to infected midges.
VACCINATION of farm animals against the deadly bluetongue virus is to begin in Wales a week today.
And HCC says Wales will suffer even if the bluetongue virus does not cross the border this year.