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A color between green and indigo on the spectrum. For individual blue dyes, see the specific name.
Synonym(s): cerulean
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Drug slang A regional term for a depressant; crack
Fringe medicine A colour claimed in the pseudoscience of colour therapy to be antibacterial, maintain circulation in optimum condition, soothe nerves, increase vitality, treat rheumatic complaints, and prevent cancer
Physics A colour corresponding to wavelengths 455-492 nm
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Physicians Desk Reference A book published annually that lists all ± 2500 US therapeutics requiring a physician prescription
PDR 7 color-coded sections
White Manufacturers' index, containing the company addresses and list of products
Pink Product name index, an alphabetical listing of the drugs by brand name
Blue Product classification, where drugs are subdivided into therapeutic classes
Yellow Generic and chemical name index
Multicolored Photographs of the most commonly prescribed tablets and capsules
White Product information, a reprint of the manufacturers' product inserts and
Green Diagnostic product information, a list of manufacturers of diagnostic tests used in office practice and the hospital; Cf Over-the-counter drugs  . ;.
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A range of hues in the visible spectrum lying between green and indigo.
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Visual sensation evoked by radiations within the waveband 450-490 nm. It is a primary colour and the complementary of yellow. See complementary colour; primary colours.
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Q. I’m sick of feeling blue, and wish I could just enjoy life like other people do. Hi, I get in to depressive episode even for minor issues. Although my depression makes it hard for me to maintain friendships, I have a number of close friends. I’m going well with my parents. I have a stable, well-paid job and a first class master’s degree. I'm fit, healthy and don't consider myself unattractive. I don't understand why I get depressed, but I feel down most of the time. I sleep too little or not enough, and my diet deteriorates during the real low periods. I lack motivation in everything and it started to affect my job. I’m sick of feeling blue, and wish I could just enjoy life like other people do.

A. Make an appointment with your doctor as soon as you can and tell him/her all that you are saying here. Your doctor can help you with this and get you going again. Don't put it off or try to cure yourself with alternative stuff.

Q. Is a Proventil Inhaler cheaper by you than Secirity Blue? I pay $60. with Security Blue now. Is it cheaper with you for a three months supply ?

A. here is a drug prices comparing site-

but i couldn't find there that other drug you were talking that it's name?

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Winfrey chose "Song of Solomon," ''The Bluest Eye," ''Paradise" and "Sula" over the years and would list all of Morrison's works as among her favorites.
Pecola in The Bluest Eye and Sorrow in A Mercy, two traumatized girls, poignantly exemplify this impact.
My favorite book-the book that introduced me to the idea that stories could be written with the lyrical language of poetry, and to the power of a novel to reflect and heal; the deepest grief--was Morrison's The Bluest Eye.
Yet, her identification as an African American writer, rightfully, has remained, critically important to Morrison herself, and to the scholarly community, while her connection to the Midwest has seemed increasingly ancillary to understandings of Morrison's work.3 Thus, considering The Bluest Eye among a decidedly white and seemingly static and homogeneous canon of Midwestern literature and criticism can shed new light on both Morrison's regional affiliations and on Midwestern culture more broadly At the same time, I propose that it does Morrison's work a disservice to merely read it in relation to Midwestern literature of the preceding generations, and suggest that attention to the specificities of Morrison's regional formations yields a new Midwesternism.
The repeal of marriage equality in California via Proposition 8 and subsequent legal battle over the repeal has been eye-opening to many Democrats, who wonder if even one of the bluest states can rescind civil rights granted to its citizens, isn't federal protection needed?
Lydia Diamond's theatrical adaptation of Toni Morrison's novel, The Bluest Eye, opens with Pecola Breedlove, the story's eleven-year-old protagonist, standing at center stage.
We sat at the nurses' station and Paul Newman leaned on the counter drinking a beer and whistling "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head." Our baby was born with the bluest eyes, and my mom always said Paul Newman "marked" him.
Priced from A$3585 per person ex Sydney and Melbourne, and A$3605 ex Brisbane, this oval-shaped haven features some of the bluest lagoons in French Polynesia .
(8) This is crucial especially for white readers of black texts such as The Bluest Eye for, as Gayatri Spivak put it, "the holders of hegemonic discourse should ...
The right-wing blogosphere rang with hosannas: Democrats lost their Senate supermajority, the bluest state just turned red, and soon we're going to party like it's 1994.
This bluest of the blue states elected a hitherto unknown Republican moderate by the name of Scott Brown to the Senate seat recently vacated by the death of Ted Kennedy.
The comedian is known as one of the country's bluest funnymen.