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European centaury

Herbal medicine
An annual or biennial that contains alkaloids, bitter principles, glycosides and triterpenes. It is anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, laxative and a digestive tonic, and has been used to treat anaemia, depression, gout, hypertension, kidney stones and rheumatic complaints.
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There are usually around 10,000 cases of bluebottle stings each year on the east coast of Australia, according to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.
( Gizmodo reported that Wallensky and partner Claudia had seen a few bluebottles in the water before stumbling upon the thousands of jiggling, alien-looking creatures that they recorded.
And my folly has been not to have attributed enough significance to the good half dozen bluebottle encounters I've had in half as many days.
So he grabs any passing bluebottle and chomps it down while it's still buzzing.
Bluebottle stings burn like fire!" Sport 24 quoted his tweet, as saying
The difference in this system is that the U of F 'bot needed to be fed sugar cubes, while EcoBot Il works on unrefined fuel.) In its present form, EcoBot II still has to be manually fed fistfuls of dead bluebottles, but the ultimate aim of the UWE team is to make the droid predatory, using sewage as bait.
And maybe explain why she cannot open her windows without being overrun with bluebottles? R Holland, Dunfermline SO OFCOM deem Hun is not an offensive term, do they?
People living in Fairbank Street spent more than a week trying to work out the cause of a foul smell in the road - until they noticed a mass of bluebottles at the window of a house.
Sgt Arin Andrews, one of the first policemen on the scene, said the animal had eight head wounds and was covered with bluebottles and maggots eating its flesh.
The idea was inspired by Amsterdam's Schiphol airport where little bluebottles are painted on the inside of men's urinals.
The dead bluebottles gleamed, burnished by the light like exquisite gunmetal brooches.