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European centaury

Herbal medicine
An annual or biennial that contains alkaloids, bitter principles, glycosides and triterpenes. It is anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, laxative and a digestive tonic, and has been used to treat anaemia, depression, gout, hypertension, kidney stones and rheumatic complaints.
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Coastguard association Surf Life Saving said a "whopping" 3,595 people had suffered painful burns after encounters with the creatures, also known as bluebottles for their transparent bluish appearance.
Cape Town, Dec 21(ANI): South African bowler Dale Steyn has been stung by bluebottles on the seaside, ahead of South Africa's second Test against Sri Lanka at Durban.
It was the kind of sultry afternoon when even the fat bluebottles who share my office couldn't be bothered being bothersome.
Bluebottle CEO Richard Pickup told ComputerWire that the firm has turned off the spam-filtering component of the service, but will still offer email services, after falling victim to a prolonged set of denial-of-service style attacks.
And some lucky, lucky bluebottle will be in for a treat.
Their quiet night away to ensure the children are safe is suddenly turned into an adventure and they are whisked downstream in the Bluebottle boat, to discover an island, named Pirate Island, that Marchmouse insists must be explored.
In 2004 artist Stuart Pearson Wright unveiled a portrait depicting the bare-chested Duke with a bluebottle fly on his shoulder and a sprig of cress between his fingers.
THE FLY, Sky Cinema 2, 7.20pm (1958) (PG) A scientist's botched teleportation experiment results in his atoms getting mixed up with those of a bluebottle, with terrifying consequences.
The Goon Show was a classic - Neddy Seagoon, Bluebottle and all the others will forever be engraved on my mind.
And my folly has been not to have attributed enough significance to the good half dozen bluebottle encounters I've had in half as many days.
Remember Leslie Crowther, whose bonce was coloured that Ronnie Reagan shade of bluebottle's backside?
So he grabs any passing bluebottle and chomps it down while it's still buzzing.