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Blue Book

A book containing regulatory compliance data, produced by the FDA until its discontinuation in October 2002.

Graduate education-UK
A book which provided information about posts to train as a surgeon.

A book (now a downloadable pdf file) produced by the British Orthopaedic Association, titled Primary Total Hip Replacement: A Guide to Good Practice.

A series of authoritative, concise illustrated reference books produced by the World Health Organisation which cover neoplasms of all major organ systems.
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17) The idea to develop the Florida Style Manual came with the realization that The Bluebook did not specifically address Florida authorities and that citation of many state authorities, particularly those generated by the Florida Legislature, would be rendered almost meaningless if the conventional Bluebook citations forms were followed.
In the Bluebook, Rule 10 sets out standards for an academic citation to a case, most (but not all) of which apply in non-academic settings.
I don't use The Bluebook or any other form book in either my judicial opinions or my academic writings.
In light of this and the fact that footnoting does exact a burden, it is incumbent upon authors to select their personas and not allow the anxieties normalized through traditional footnoting practices and The Bluebook to direct that decision subconsciously.
Frustrated with the difficulties of teaching Bluebook style, a group of legal writing instructors who banded together in 1996 to form the
2 of the Bluebook explain the different typefaces and when each are used.
In each case, the courts could have reached the same result without rejecting the Bluebook language.
There also were questions about whether the sectionals meet, governed by USA Swimming, was considered an Olympic development meet and subject to another rule in the bluebook requiring swimmers also to unattach.
For the convenience of our authors, we have chosen to identify specific Bluebook rules that we will ignore, modify, or clarify.
The site offers a Bluebook section that provides comprehensive pricing information for used instruments and gear, as well as a review section where users can rate the products they use and offer opinions valuable to other musicians.
The familiarity bred by that prolonged and intense exposure makes The Bluebook (and its attendant anxiety) a part of their history and mythology, a foundational text upon which legal culture is built.