blue-ringed octopus

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blue-ringed octopus

Any of at least 10 species of octopus of the genus Hapalochaena, having bright blue spots and found in the Pacific Ocean, esp. near Australia. It poisons its prey with tetrodotoxin. See: tetrodotoxin


a mollusc in the order Octopoda which has eight legs and eats crustaceans and shellfish.

blue-ringed octopus
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Further along, you come to the blue-ringed octopus, which lives in a tiny tank and looks completely harmless.
The world's 10 most deadly snakes all live in Australia, and keeping them company are such cuties as the funnel web spider, the paralysis tick, blue-ringed octopus, and the cuddly box jellyfish who's sting is said to induce the most agonising death known to man.
Blue-ringed octopus, cone shells, stonefish, and firefish (also known as lionfish and turkeyfish) are other poisonous creatures presented.