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adj in Chinese medicine, a facial coloration, typically found in infants; indicates indigestion and stomach upset.
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FORWARD blue-gray complements the "MHI red" that has traditionally served as MHI's corporate color, as well as a range of other colors.
Blue-gray discoloration of the skin is an uncommon side effect caused by the ultraviolet accumulation of lipofuscin in dermal macrophages.
The beetle killed blue pine can vary in color from blue, to blue-gray to gray.
The blue-gray gnatcatcher is common in eastern Nebraska (Zimmer, 1917) but is a rare transient in spring in western Nebraska (Brown and Brown, 2001).
Richard Bartlett of Bartlett, Hartley and Mulkey Architects PA described the tile as "Jura Stone Light Beige (light tan) and Jura Stone Blue-gray," both of which originated in Germany.
Eyes: Blue, blue-gray, blue-green, aqua, not deep hazel or brown.
In chemical terms, the blue-gray patches represent "reduced" areas -- regions populated with iodide molecules that have gained an electron; the clear or yellow areas signal the "oxidized" patches that donated those electrons.
Exuded metal beads are sometimes found in the voids which have a blue-gray lining.
Designed to appeal to adults, they come in six colors - maroon, teal, blue-gray, beige, gold and brown.
The blue-gray palette includes wedges of white Sedum spathulifolium 'Cape Blanco' and blue-gray S.
Varying shades of blue-gray casually cover, or nearly cover, undercoats of gold, intense blue, or paler gray, providing a degree of difference from painting to painting.