Blue Blood

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Drug slang A regional term for a person who injects drugs intravenously
Vox populi A person who has descended from nobility (from the Spanish phrase sangre azul), referring specifically to those who trace their roots to Spanish royalty. The term refers to the paler skin of said descendants, whose veins appear a deep blue due to the Tyndall effect
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After being ousted by the more handsome blue-blooded Van Doren, Stempel blew the whistle, ultimately helping to bring down ``Twenty-One's'' seedy little house of cards.
There, she's the regal and noble beagle, proud companion to kings and queens, the blue-blooded heiress of the British royal household.
The blue-blooded rebel stood out when she wore a striking Union Jack dress similar to the former Spice Girl's at the Milan fashion show.
Kate has never got over her four-year relationship with actor Johnny Depp, and Jesse struggled to bounce back after his four-year love affair with blue-blooded Pretty Polly model, heiress Jasmine Guinness.
The same was true for blue-blooded humans in a study of more than 30,000 men and women going back centuries.
Like all Kentucky fans, Padgett came to despise Laettner and Duke with a blue-blooded passion.
Ian McKay, from Aberdeenshire, was given the blue-blooded bird by the Queen's loft manager and plans to auction it off next month to raise funds for the Rotary Club.
They included Parker Bowles' ex-husband and his new wife, as well as her father, sister and brother-in-law, and a clutch of blue-blooded chums.
Blue-blooded Scot Honor Fraser has revealed her plan to go to university - and study Japanese.