Blue Blood

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Drug slang A regional term for a person who injects drugs intravenously
Vox populi A person who has descended from nobility (from the Spanish phrase sangre azul), referring specifically to those who trace their roots to Spanish royalty. The term refers to the paler skin of said descendants, whose veins appear a deep blue due to the Tyndall effect
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Hollywood bad lass Lindsay Lohan has got her eye on a blue-blooded boyfriend.
Blue-blooded teen Eugenie grinned as mum Fergie put a protective arm around her youngest daughter while they enjoyed a sunshine stroll with big sister Beatrice along the beach in the millionaire's playground of St Tropez.
The head of the bank which bought blue-blooded City institution Barings resigned yesterday as a host of job losses were expected to sweep across the City.
An American teen is thrilled to discover her father is a blue-blooded English lord unaware of her existence.
Here the blue-blooded Brit gives red-blooded fans a taste of what to expect.