blue dextran

blue dex·tran

high molecular weight dextran containing a blue chlorotriazine dye, Cibacron Blue; used to measure the void volumes in gel filtration columns, as well as checking column packing.
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7L096277M), blue dextran (GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB), and ethyl acetate (AR, Lab Scan) were used without further purification.
For the morphology of polysaccharide-based microspheres containing blue dextran, a water-soluble biomacromolecular drug model is illustrated in Figure 4.
In separate experiments, we injected blue dextran (M.W.
The concentration of blue dextran was 25 mg [ml.sup.-1] in seawater (pH = 7.9), and 0.5 ml of this solution was injected into both compartments while the animal was submerged.
In the second set of experiments, individuals were injected with blue dextran into the esophagus with a 1-ml glass syringe connected to a short length of PE-50 tubing.
The products of the 10-[micro]L cycle sequencing reaction were extracted in 50 [micro]L of 95% (by vol) ethanol and 2 [micro]L (3 mol/L) sodium acetate (pH 4.6) and washed in 70% (by vol) ethanol before resuspension in 5 [micro]L of a loading buffer comprising 25 mmol/L EDTA (pH 8.0) and 50 g/L Blue dextran in deionized formamide (5:1 formamide to EDTA/Blue dextran).