Blue Devil

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A regional term for a formulation of depressants
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That promising start for the Blue Devils (19-11) came courtesy of Branden Ellis.
Even though top recruit Harry Giles hasn't lived up to expectations, the Blue Devils are still loaded.
Indeed, the Blue Devils seem to feed off of the antipathy they inspire.
After the Red Raiders closed to 39-38 on a jumper by Payton, the Blue Devils caught fire, putting together a 9-0 blitz that was kicked off by a Gonzalez 3-pointer.
Shortly after a superb defensive stop by Murdock's Dominic Allard later in the first, the Blue Devils scored on a nifty 61-yard sweep by Nick Swift along the sideline in front of the Warriors' bench.
And the link between the Magpies and the Blue Devils extends further, for United's academy recruitment officer Peter Kirkley was Shaun Green's youth coach for six years when he played for Wallsend Boys Club.
From individual origins in terms of location and family histories, Blue Devils members brought, learned, traded, and formed compositions, styles, and arrangements that emerged in the big clubs of Chicago, New York, and Boston in the late 1930s.
She added that she believes the mascot has been used at Chatham High School since it was built in 1962 and thought its use may be related to the Blue Devil mascot used by Duke University in North Carolina.
A 12-2 third-quarter spurt all but ended the Vikings' hopes as the Blue Devils opened a 27-point advantage.
After beating a couple of unfamiliar opponents in Holy Cross and Saint Joseph's in the first two rounds, the Ducks will recognize most of the Blue Devils and coach Mike Krzyzewski
Quinn Cook added 15 points and the Blue Devils (13-0, 1-0) had little trouble winning their Atlantic Coast Conference opener.
The rivalry between the Duke Blue Devils and the North Carolina Tar Heels would appear not as glamorous in past meetings as only one is considered a true contender this season.