Blue Book

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Blue Book

A book containing regulatory compliance data, produced by the FDA until its discontinuation in October 2002.

Graduate education-UK
A book which provided information about posts to train as a surgeon.

A book (now a downloadable pdf file) produced by the British Orthopaedic Association, titled Primary Total Hip Replacement: A Guide to Good Practice.

A series of authoritative, concise illustrated reference books produced by the World Health Organisation which cover neoplasms of all major organ systems.
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O'Reilly would be the primary compiler of the Blue Book, which had been drafted by the end of 1917.
The appearance of a new Blue Book reminds us of some of the key qualities that have made GFOA a success during the past 95 years.
Blue Book produces business contact and marketing information and has 48 employees.
14, Municipal Accounting and Auditing, commonly referred to as the 1951 Blue Book. This new, expanded publication was characterized by the following four-part structure:
Matt DeLorenzo, senior managing editor for Kelley Blue Book, said, 'Kelley Blue Book's expert editors drive and review nearly every new car on the road each year, so we have an abundance of knowledge that fuels our editorial awards and accolades, while our analysts evaluate tremendous amounts of data to help determine which vehicles make the cut for Kelley Blue Book's awards.
Long regarded as the rubber industry's single most important reference for technical information, the Blue Book contains detailed information on every raw material used by the rubber industry, including chemical additives, extenders, fillers, reinforcing materials and latex compounding materials, to name a few.
Cox Automotive companies Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book have partnered with LendingTree's auto finance marketplace to help vehicle shoppers options to research, shop for and secure financing on a vehicle all in one spot, the company said.
The committee advised the government to make an amendment to the blue book.
According to security sources, the VVIP protocol and security arrangements were put in place for the visiting speakers according to 'Blue Book'.
TORONTO: Forecasts in the BMO Blue Book revealed Atlantic Canada's provinces have diverse economic landscapes but overall are indicating modest growth across sectors.
Kelley Blue Book's, the United States' leading online guide to new and used motors, ranked the sporty coupe one of the "coolest cars under USD 18,000".
YOUNG, female, affluent and living in the big city: this is the profile of most of the millions of Chinese who have turned to yoga, according to a path- breaking and first- ever official Chinese research report or " blue book" into the recent yoga explosion in the Middle Kingdom.