blue, methylene

blue, methylene (meth´əlēn),

n 1. a dye used to color bacteria for microscopic examination.
n 2. an aniline dye often used as an antiseptic and topical analgesic in the treatment of lesions of the oral mucosa and skin.
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lymphazurin (isosulfan) blue, patent blue, methylene blue and indigo carmine.
Several types of electron mediators considered are as follows: ferrocene, hexacyanoferrate, tetrathiafulvalene, ophenylenediamine, quinones, flavins, quinoic type compounds, such as phenoxazines and organic dyes, including methylene blue (MB), Prussin blue, phenazines, toluidine blue, methylene green, meldola's blue, and tionin (REZAEI-ZARCHI et al.