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Regional drug slang for
(1) Cocaine.
(2) Heroin.


1. distention of the cecum in rabbits.
2. the successive strips of wool removed by the shearing blades, e.g. 'beaten by a blow'.

Patient discussion about blows

Q. Does sleeping with a fan blowing on your body cause arthritis? My wife believes that our children will become arthritic later in life if they sleep with a fan circulating air in their bedroom at night. I disagree. The kids are very uncomfortable in sometimes humid evenings, where we don't feel the need to run the air conditioning in the entire house. Is there any scientific basis for her beliefs? Is their a definitive link between the root cause of arthritis and fans blowing/circulating air on the body?

A. Sorry to disappoint your wife but there’s absolutely no connection…I can tell you I slept with fans most of my childhood and adult life and I don’t have arthritis. She probably wants the air condition on through the night so she finds excuses ;)

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References in classic literature ?
he gasped forth, giving back a blow almost while he was yet staggering.
Upon which, forgetting the sex of Goody Brown, or perhaps not knowing it in his rage--for, in reality, she had no feminine appearance but a petticoat, which he might not observe--he gave her a lash or two with his horsewhip; and then flying at the mob, who were all accused by Moll, he dealt his blows so profusely on all sides, that unless I would again invoke the muse (which the good-natured reader may think a little too hard upon her, as she hath so lately been violently sweated), it would be impossible for me to recount the horse-whipping of that day.
Next, old Echepole, the sowgelder, received a blow in his forehead from our Amazonian heroine, and immediately fell to the ground.
Also, Rivera made up his mind to strike no more blows at the body.
It was impossible for any referee to call these blows foul.
Blows rained upon him, and it looked to her as though he were being beaten to death.
But he was receiving the blows on his gloves and shoulders, rocking back and forth to the force of them like a tree in a storm, while the house cheered its delight.
I stood close by, but could not tell which blows told and which did not, they fell and vanished so like flashes of light.
You blow the bubble, with me inside of it, and I'll be sure to get home in safety.
Wizard, please blow a big, fine bubble for Button-Bright to ride in, and I'll agree to send him home to his family as safe as safe can be.
The effect was marvelous, for, as I lightly sidestepped, after delivering the second blow, he reeled and fell upon the floor doubled up with pain and gasping for wind.
Not finding Ham among the people whom this memorable wind - for it is still remembered down there, as the greatest ever known to blow upon that coast - had brought together, I made my way to his house.