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Drug slang noun Cocaine
verb To snort a drug, inhale cocaine, or smoke marijuana
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It struck me that this really is the same in life, but how often have you actually set out your flight plan and then allowed yourself to be blown off course at the first gust of unexpected wind?
It makes for some good learning,'' quarterbacks coach Stan Parrish said Monday, having seen numerous passes blown off course.
One woman said: "My man is such a big balloon, if I wasn't to act as 'sandbag' sometime, he'd have had blown off course long ago.
However, the latest report added: "Despite some considerable disappointment and disbelief at the outcomes of the inspection in June, senior leaders have not allowed themselves to be blown off course or distracted away from the task in hand.
ANDY MURRAY refused to be blown off course from his showdown with Rafa Nadal in windswept Rome.
It's time that our councils threw out the brash salesmanship of the wind power companies and got on with supporting environmentally clean and sustainable forms of energy conversion, so that our house prices and small tourist projects are not blown off course.
Having been blown off course for the last couple of years Bees found a morale-boosting port last week when they disposed of luckless Westoe for their second win of the season.
But a Treasury spokesman said it was too early to judge whether the finances would be blown off course for the full-year.
FORMULA ONE: Lewis Hamilton is determined to go into the summer break with the wind in his sails after recently seeing his Formula One world title hopes blown off course.
The gale force wind had an impact straight from the off as Chapman saw his fourth-minute penalty blown off course.
A SEABIRD rarely seen in the region was blown off course and crashlanded in a street.
On a day when Hillside was swept by bursts of heavy rain and gale force gusts of wind, Formby Hall's Fleetwood showed no sign of being blown off course.